Month: March 2021

Best Productivity Apps to Boost your Business in 2021

Productivity. One of the most challenging areas of any business is to increase productivity. Low productivity means that valuable time is being spent on functions or tasks that simply don’t benefit the company nor the individual. Being able to identify areas of low productivity – and their solutions – requires processes and tests. Even for individuals, struggling against obstacles to productivity can be draining and frustrating.

Finding the right tools and processes to improve productivity means deep-diving into the areas where you think you can reduce those obstacles to productivity and time management to get more done with your time. Reading whichapps you can use to increase your productivity can help you narrow your list of apps to test and buy with learning from actual users of those apps in their reviews and experiences with those apps. Peer review websites such asReviews Bird are helpful in that regard: it offers honest feedback and opinions from real-world people who’ve shared their insights to help you make better decisions.


While we all carry smartphones in our pockets, it is theirapps that can help transform your days into more productive ones. A top-rated app for productivity is called Todoist. …

Which are the Best Web Hosting Services for a Business?

There are many web hosting services for businesses. Reviews and opinions on show that the best is Bluehost. However, there are a variety of web hosting services. They are in various shapes and sizes such as dedicated hosting, shared hosting, etc, with a variety of RAM, SSL Certificate, CDNs, etc.

When you check for telecom companies’ reviews, you’ll find out that they allow a variety of web hosting providers based on the services the providers offer. Web hosting providers have different specialties. While Bluehost is best for beginners, Dreamhost is affordable with its monthly plans. Hostinger has cheap hosting plans, while A2 Hosting has a reliable and fast shared host. SiteGround has enabled great customer services while WP Engine is fit for WordPress hosting.

This list goes on. However, below are a few web hosting services to consider for your business.

1.  Bluehost:

As earlier noted, this is the best choice for beginners. It offers SSL certificates and has a free domain. Bluehosthas a 30-day money-back guarantee and WordPress’s recommendation. It offers 24/7 phone chat if you’re stuck. It also offers great SEO tools and analytics that help in optimising the performance of your site. This means …