5 Awesome businesses that you can begin with as low as $100

In today’s digital world, there are several businesses you can start with funds less than $100 and groom the businesses to become an enterprise worth millions of dollars. Although there are businesses you can start with little or no funds at all which also has the potential to grow into something large. You can therefore start with an online business as your first choice. However, you would be astonished about several other businesses that can begin with less than $100 or no funds at all.

The less than $100 funds will mostly go into getting the supplies you need to start working. When you have very low funds, you won’t be able to afford an office but you could easily start from your home or garage. You should read online reviews about supplies business brands on us-reviews.com to know the supplies you will need and where to buy them. Below are 5 awesome businesses that you can begin with less than $100:

Painting Houses

In today’s world, licenses are not needed to become a painter or for you to be contracted as a painter. To begin as an indoor painter, you would only need few tools. To become better at it, you can read books about it or watch videos on painting houses online or attach yourself to free workshops near your home. You could also do some little practices around your own house until you get better at it.

Render services using Taxi

You can start this type of business with no funds at all or as low as $100 as you can make use of your vehicle for it. In the long-run, you can convert the money you receive and turn it into a chauffeur or regular taxi service. If peradventure you want it to move to the next level, you have to recruit more staffs or better still sub-contractors.

Business of Flooring

This type of business can also commence with a minimum fund of $100 as you can start with installation instead of investing in inventory. You would also need to ascertain a point of entry with low cost and convert the revenues to expand the business.

Delivery of Groceries

If you have a car of your own, then delivery of groceries is a suitable business to start with as low as $100. The market for grocery delivery is now very evident in today’s world as various online shops now cave for this service. If you want to make a bit more money from delivering groceries, then you should make the services cost-effective and supply nearby areas. Thereafter you can branch to other residents in a big housing complex with a solid promise to deliver supplies at least two times weekly to deliver as many as possible and make a lot of money.

Making of soaps in the home

To engage in such a business, you must have adequate knowledge about it. You can get adequate knowledge by watching online videos tutorial on soap making and also visit nearby shops where they produce soaps to learn for free or for fewer funds. The making of soaps does not require a lot of materials and these materials are cost-effective. The making of soap requires you to mix several types of oil with scents. When you mix the quantity that can fetch you 12 bars, then you can get a few bucks out of it. On the other hand, you have to make your products special as you can’t compare your products with companies that manufacture in large quantities.