Best Productivity Apps to Boost your Business in 2021

Productivity. One of the most challenging areas of any business is to increase productivity. Low productivity means that valuable time is being spent on functions or tasks that simply don’t benefit the company nor the individual. Being able to identify areas of low productivity – and their solutions – requires processes and tests. Even for individuals, struggling against obstacles to productivity can be draining and frustrating.

Finding the right tools and processes to improve productivity means deep-diving into the areas where you think you can reduce those obstacles to productivity and time management to get more done with your time. Reading whichapps you can use to increase your productivity can help you narrow your list of apps to test and buy with learning from actual users of those apps in their reviews and experiences with those apps. Peer review websites such asReviews Bird are helpful in that regard: it offers honest feedback and opinions from real-world people who’ve shared their insights to help you make better decisions.


While we all carry smartphones in our pockets, it is theirapps that can help transform your days into more productive ones. A top-rated app for productivity is called Todoist. It is a great tool for task management. You can make notes, tasks, plot projects, and manage them in color-coded priority levels and sync to services as Dropbox, IFTTT, and Slack. You can share with groups to better plan tasks and schedules, too.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes:

This is a great app that helps you better take notes in meetings. You can record meetings and then transcribe those notes in real-time with punctuation and you can also search playback of your recordings to refresh your memory. It can also export these transcripts as text files to emails or other apps, and you can also share them with groups too.


SaneBox is a tool that integrates with your email account. It creates folders for your mail so that you can easily process what is actually important to you for work and hides the less important emails in folders for you to later access and process. It uses sophisticated algorithms to work out the different types of emails you receive and prioritizes them accordingly. The more you read certain email types, the more it will prioritize those types and you can also show it what is important to you for other areas such as personal communications.


Slack is a messaging platform designed for teams. It takes instant messaging services and builds them into channels where team members can better communicate about specific topics and subjects to keep projects and work discussions on-target and focussed. It also allows for video and voice calling from within the app – which is available for smartphones and desktops – and also allows users to share their screens through the app for greater integration and communication. This app will improve your business’ workflow and productivity as it will reduce your email communications, allow you to discuss projects and tasks in greater clarity and you’ll also be able to work remotely with no lapse in productivity.