Black Swan in the forex Market is Certainly not a Foreign Term anymore in Your Ear

Yes, Black swan is an event that happened beyond expectations and caused a stir in the financial markets. It’s just not all horrendous or shocking events can be said as black swan.

Based on the theory, there are at least three conditions an event is said to be a black swan, the event is likely to be low, has a major impact on world financial markets, and if such events occur, then many dailyinvestnews will begin to notice and predict the possibility of happening again.


The Origin of Black Swan

If translated in Indonesian, “Black swan” means black swan. This term first appeared in the 17th century due to the assumption of European society that assumes if all swans are white. In fact there are also geese that are black, just life in the wild. This is what makes Black swan used as a symbol of something wild and unpredictable.

In 2007, Black Swan was re-popularized by a former Wall Street trader who turned the profession to a book author named Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He introduced Black swan through a book titled “The Black swan” which he wrote himself and published in 2007. He thinks all the events that come in. Black swan is something that can’t be predicted. For example, such as the emergence of internet, laptop, crisis, including the events of 11 September 2001 that dropped the dollar in an instant.


Events In The Incoming Forex Market Category Black Swan

Before the term Black swan was introduced by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in 2007, far before the unexpected events that entered the black swan had already happened. Likewise after the book “The Black swan” came out and the term black swan known to many people, the events are also more and more inevitable. Here are some events that go in black swan.


Asian Financial Crisis In 1997

The Asian financial crisis that occurred in 1997 occurred due to the decision to release pegging Bhat exchange rate against the US dollar. This policy ultimately affected the dominoe of the devaluation of currencies throughout Southeast Asia and East Asia, causing the Asian currency to fall to 38% and the world stock market fell by 60%.


The fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008

After the financial crisis in 2007, in 2008 again happened black swan event, namely bankruptcy Lehman Brothers. Lehman brothers is the fourth largest financial services company in the US.

However, on September 15, 2008 Lehman Brothers suddenly announced its bankruptcy. The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers simultaneously reveals the practice of debt certification in the property sector that occurs in the US financial system. Until now, this event is known as the Subprime Mortgage crisis.

Greek Debt Crisis In Year 2010

In 2010, black swan re-emerged with the occurrence of the Greek debt crisis. At that time, Greek announced that they had been hiding the true state deficit figures. This situation continues to deteriorate until June 30, 2015. When Greece is unable to pay debt repayment at the International Monetary Foundation (IMF).


Fukushima Nuclear Disasters 2013

Black swan next occurred in the country of Japan in 2013, which is a catastrophic fukushima nuclear disaster that occurred very devastating. This disaster occurs due to japan often experience earthquake and tsunami. The continuous earthquake caused the installation of a power plant to leak and explode.

Well, hopefully the above information is useful for you.