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Dorm Hacks to Prepare Your New College Student With

If you have a child about to go off to college, you will learn quickly that it is time to come up with a few dorm room hacks to get them through. As you read through the rules, you will learn that your child cannot paint the walls or mount anything permanently to them. The wall strips you can find on the market are not able to hold everything your child will need to organize themselves while managing the tasks of multiple classes.

Freshman year of college poses a lot of difficulty for students. Not only are they forced to share a room with a stranger, they don’t have help organizing their tasks or staying on track with everything they are supposed to focus on. The more help you provide them with available dorm room hacks, the better chance they have of developing the skills necessary to navigate their way through college. Here are just a few things your child should have on hand when they move into their dorm room.

A Calendar they Can Organize

When it comes to college, there is a lot to keep up with. Students are required to keep up with a lot of tasks …