Ideas to Help You Find the Right Bookkeeper for Your Business

Anybody who has ever looked for new employees will tell you that it is no easy task finding the right person for the job. However, when it comes to finding a bookkeeper, these same people will tell you that is can often seem like an impossible task.


If you find yourself in this position, below are some great tips to help you narrow down your candidates.


Have They Worked for You Before?

Of course, they won’t have worked for your company before, but are there aspects of their previous companies which could benefit yours?


For example, if a candidate has worked for a fleet management company in the past then there is a good chance that they can bring these skills to your company to improve the efficiency of your own fleet along with other efficiency improvements they can make to your processes.


Are they modern-tech savvy?

While the majority of older and large companies will still rely on legacy software, more modern and agile companies will utilize something more appropriate. When hiring a bookkeeper, be sure they know how to not only your system but utilize it. For example, If you provide your employees with an a’gaci coupon from Groupon Coupons or additional leave entitlements as part of their contracts then it is important that your bookkeeper can accurately manage these expenses.


Do Their References Check Out?

Just because somebody flashes a smile and provides you with all the right answers during the interview doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check their references. In addition to asking for a range of references, be sure to also call each of them to ask about:


  • Their past performance
  • Their strengths
  • Their weaknesses
  • Whether their previous employers would have them back
  • Any outstanding contributions they made to the business


Of course, if you had any doubts during their interview that you wanted to clarify, the reference check calls would be the perfect time to clear them.


Will They Fit In?

Of course, it is important for your existing employees to make an effort to include a new employee, however, it is also important for the health and well-being of any new employee that they are about to enter a workplace where they feel comfortable.


For this reason, be sure to ask any candidate about the type of workplace they find to be the most conducive and also explain the current social dynamic in your office. Feel free to discuss how well they believe they will fit in along with any challenges you think they may come up against and how they think they will overcome these.


Nobody ever said that finding the perfect employee was an easy task, and when it comes to finding the right bookkeeper it can feel like a task which you will never complete. However, when you are staring down at the long list of applications, be sure to keep the above tips in mind to help you filter your ideal candidates.